6 Tips to Get Ready for Spring Golf

Mar 27th 2019

It's officially spring and for those of us who live in colder climates, this marks the long awaited start of the spring golf season. Your clubs may have collected some dust over the winter, so here's 6 quick tips to get you ready for the first tee off of the season!

  1. Do an inventory of your golf gear. Did your glove wear out at the end of the season last year? Did you toss your old, dirty golf towel? Did you lose your putter? Are you out of golf ball or tees? This is a great time to replace any old or lost items before you find yourself without them.
  2. Did you get a new golf bag over the winter? Make sure that you've restocked it with all your essentials. Do your club covers match your new bag?
  3. Replace your sun screen! After sitting (possibly in a cold, frozen garage) all winter, it's time to swap out your old sun screen for a new bottle.
  4. Try on your golf outfits. Have you gone up or down a few lbs since last fall? Make sure you have outfits that are comfortable and make you feel good on the golf course.
  5. Sign up for a golf lesson. Spring is the perfect time to take a golf lesson or two to get you back into the groove for golf season.
  6. Sign up for a local ladies league. Whether you're a league pro or if you've thought about it, but never actually signed up for a league in the past, this is sign up time!

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