Fall Golf Essentials

Sep 27th 2019

It's officially fall and most of the US is predicted to have a nice, long fall this year. Which means an extended golf season for many of us. I personally love fall golf and here are some of my favorite fall ladies golf essentials:

1. A good vest. I wear vests a lot in the fall and winter and I find that vests are great for keeping warm on those chilly early morning tee times without restricting movement or feeling bulky like a jacket. Plus they look cute on and off the golf course! The duck down vests from Glen Echo Golf are really nice and hold up well from season to season. I also really like their stretch tech vests. The fabric feels really luxurious and they look very high end.

2. Leg warmers. The leg warmers by Iconic Sport are great! They work similar to our super popular sun sleeves. Slip them on when you leave your car to keep your legs warm while wearing your favorite golf skort. Pull them off in between holes if you get hot. They're currently available in Navy and Black.

3. A good rain jacket. I own a lot of rain jackets, but my current favorite is the New Englander rain jacket from Ame & Lulu (I'm a sucker for the navy & green color scheme and the fabric is really lovely). I've also been a longtime fan of the rain gear from Glen Echo. This brand isn't as well known, but they offer really high quality items and I'm always pleasantly surprised how nice their things are each time I receive a shipment. I personally hown several of their items and wear them often. 

4. Metallic golf balls. Even with the best golf course maintenance, I always manage to hit my ball into a pile of fallen leaves. This time of year is when I especially love the metallic golf balls by Chromax. They are so much easer to find than plain white or even solid colored golf balls. These shiny golf balls are available in 8 colors (pink, purple, blue, green, silver, gold, orange and yellow).

5. A cart seat cover. The golf cart seats start out cold and stay cold! Bring a cart seat cover to keep your seat warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot! Available in 2 sizes that fit just about any golf cart.

Happy Golfing!