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Apr 3rd 2017

The first time I picked up a golf club was on my boyfriend's (now husband) birthday in 2005. I hacked my way through the par 3 course, lost a large number of golf balls, but had an enjoyable afternoon. After attempting a couple more rounds of golf, I quickly decided that I wasn't going to get any better on my own. We looked into lessons and found that the club nearby offered group lessons for 2 or more people for a very reasonable rate, so we started taking lessons together. I started to feel that I was making some good progress and we began to play more frequently. The more I played, the more I wanted to find a cute bag and accessories. And cute outfits! The khaki shorts and pastel polo shirts were so boring! None of the big box stores offered anything other than the large, black men's bags and I was stuck with a plain white (or sometimes black) glove. I can still remember how excited I was when my husband found a pair of red Nike golf shoes for me! I wore the even though they were a half size too small.

I had been working in e-commerce for several years by now and one day after spending my lunch break being ignored by the male sales rep at a big box store (I wanted to upgrade my clubs to a new set), the idea hit me that I should start my own golf store for women. There were not too many other online golf stores focusing on ladies at the time and many didn't appear to have the technical experience behind them that I happened to have.

When I started Pink Golf Tees in 2007 I wanted to focus on carrying golf products for women that were created by women. I have kept that my focus over the past 9 years and I'm proud to carry 20 brands of amazing ladies golf bags, accessories and apparel from companies that are owned and operated by women! I recently started thinking about how these women first got into business and their backgrounds. Over the next few months, I plan to interview some of these ladies to see how they got started with owning a golf business, what they love about owning their own business, how they stay inspired, and some of the challenges they face as business owners in a still male-dominated industry.

- Jen

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