Iconic del Sol UPF 50+ Unisex Sun Sleeves - White

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Solid White Sun Sleeves

Iconic del Sol UPF 50+ UV protective lightweight unisex SunSleeves. Perfect for hot, sunny golfing. UPF 50+ UV protection (the highest possible rating) that won't wash out, sweat off or rub off… Plus moisture management to wick away perspiration and keep you comfortable. Made from great-feeling wicking, breathable fabrics with anti-microbial/anti-odor and resilient spandex stretch that won't impede your golf swing or get baggy during the round. Ultra-lightweight microfiber jersey for the hottest weather and climates. Available in unisex sizes XSS-XXXL. Machine washable. Sold in pairs.

* Some sunscreen chemicals will stain light-colored fabrics, so we don't recommend using sunscreen under your sun sleeves or other iconic sun protective apparel.

* We hear back from our customers that our sleeves also protect against No-See-Em bites and Poison oak rash!

Package includes 1 pair of sun sleeves. 

Sizing Information:

Typically people wear the same size sleeve as their shirt size (plus or minus one size.) The upper arm circumference is the key measure– too loose and the sleeves fall down; too tight and the sleeves are uncomfortable. Scale up a size if you lift weights or have heavier upper arms; go down a size if you have proportionately slim upper arms or lack muscle definition.

To use the size chart, you’ll need a tape measure. If you don’t have one, try a piece of string, ribbon or strip of paper then measure that against a ruler. Measure your upper arm circumference around your upper arm *above* the bicep (and below the deltoid muscle). Measure both arms, as some people have a significantly larger dominant side (right or left handed-ness) measurement.

We suggest that the top of the sleeve be worn at your upper arm above the bicep and below the deltoid muscles where your arm narrows a bit. The sleeve should fit snugly but not bind at the upper arm. If it feels too tight, or you are getting a ‘muffin-top’ at the upper arm, go up to the next larger size. With the sleeves on, try swinging your arms in a practice swing. If the sleeve feels loose at the upper arm while swinging, go to the next smaller size. Note that most people’s dominant arm (right for right-handers) is slightly (but can be significantly) larger then the non-dominant arm, so you’ll want to take that into consideration, especially if you are between sizes.

If you have short arms or for some women the unisex sizes may be a bit long– we suggest that any extra length be gathered at the wrist to avoid bunching at the elbow or upper arm. Call if you have questions on sizing and we can talk you through. If when you try it on it turns out you have the wrong size, just send back your unworn sunsleeves and we’ll swap them for a better size.


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