Small Business Saturday

Nov 24th 2018

Pink Golf Tees completes our 11th year in business this month! We are a small, family-owned company and could not stay in business without your support over the years. So THANK YOU! We are blessed to be able to balance work with family. While we could grow our business larger, we are happy to keep it small and in the family so that we can still attend gymnastics practice, do school pick ups and drop offs and have some extra time with our little one in this amazing time while she is still little. 

I know that Amazon has made it so easy to shop online over the past several years. I am guilty of buying a LOT of things on Amazon on a regular basis. But, while Amazon is great for buyers, they are horrible for sellers. I sell on Amazon in addition to selling directly through Pink Golf Tees as a necessity. They charge a large % for the sales purchased through their site and they can decide at any point to remove your selling privileges (for no reason) when they have the item for sell through them directly and don't want you to compete with their listing. And there are countless negative reports for how they treat their employees. 

This holiday season my goal is to complete my Christmas shopping outside of Amazon. That means smaller stores, other chains and some handmade items. While they have made it easy to shop, I urge you to think twice before shopping at Amazon this holiday season. 

We offer the same, or lower, prices as advertised on Amazon, and you will be supporting a small family business when you shop at Pink Golf Tees this holiday season for all your ladies golf and tennis gifts!