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Taboo Fashions Premium Ladies Pickleball Backpack

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Taboo Fashion Premium Ladies Pickleball Backpack Mandala Dreams

Taboo Fashions Pickleball Bag for Ladies

The Taboo Fashions Pickleball Bag is built with fashion and function in mind. This bag is lightweight and easy to carry, it has a center pocket that fit up to two paddles, and a large hidden pocket at the back for more organization. 

Product Details

  • Water resistant
  • Lightweight polyester
  • Never-wear nylon
  • Front zipper pocket for your cellphones, key, and more
  • Large hidden zipper pocket in back for unmentionables
  • Side pocket for drinks or balls
  • Center pocket for pickleball racket
  • Side handle for easy transport
  • Back pocket for unmentionables