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Taboo Fashions Premium Ladies Tennis Backpack

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Taboo Fashions Premium Ladies Tennis Backpack

Taboo Fashions Premium Tennis Backpack for Ladies

Smash it and Win it in style with our fashionable and functional women’s tennis backpack. It features a lightweight never-wear nylon material and has a large compartment that can fit up to two regular sized racquets. Multiple pockets are included for apparel and other gear like tennis balls, wristbands, headbands, and other valuables. Available in 4 chic designs, the Taboo Fashions Tennis Bags are sure to be your new companion for every game. 

Product Details:

  • Water resistant
  • Lightweight polyester
  • Never-wear nylon
  • Center zipper pocket for your cellphones, key, and more
  • Large zipper pocket to safely secure your tennis racket
  • Side handle for easy carry